E Liquid & Your Health In The UK

best e liquid in the ukElectronic cigarettes have come a long way in the last 3 years and it seems very few people smoke now which is fantastic from a health point of view. Smoking has always caused wrinkles and you can tell a lifetime smoker a mile off. They need to get into a skin clinic as fast as possible and get ironed out!

E cigs as they are known however are becoming more popular with people who smoke flavours that do not contain any tobacco or even taste of tobacco. The e liquid that electronic cigarettes contain can be mixed to make any flavour you can think of and these e liquids are at the heart of the e cig industry. They create the residual income that keeps the industry moving.

So if you are going to smoke these days your main worry is not your health, its what e liquid flavour you put in your cigarette! With that in mind we’ve decided to put together a little guide that will hopefully point you in the right direction to the best e liquid uk brands. You’ll need to try a few to get your favourite flavour but at around £5 per bottle these are not going to break the bank to try quite a few unlike traditional cigarettes.

Doing our research we came across a number of different sites offering e liquid to the UK and it seems there are lots of independents who are also making their own.

Get Vape:
These seem to be the biggest our there when it comes to just selling e liquid. They don’t do the actual cigarettes themselves but if you want a great variety of flavours these guys are the place to go. Take a look at the site.

Electronic cigarette directory:
We came across this website when researching e liquid and this seems to be the place to go for everything e cigarette related.

E Cig Shop Directory:
If you want to find a good local shop near you to buy e cigs or e liquids in the UK this is a good website to take a look at. You can look up the address of your nearest shop.

For all the facts about ecigarettes and the best e liquid uk retailers check out this vid.


Hampton Skin Care

We’ve found a great skin clinic in the Hampton area of London that’s got a really good name and does pretty much any treatment you can think of.

They are Ageless Clinics and on the high street not far away from Jezzards Estate Agents (jezzards.co.uk) that is run by a friend of mine too. They offer tons of great value treatments like cellulite, facials, laser treatments and pretty much anything you could want to do to your body without a knife.

Lots of small independents and largerhampton property chains are moving into areas of medium to high wealth as they know their target market is those with disposable incomes. House prices in the outer London suburbs have been rising gradually and a lot of commuters with more int heir pockets are living there. Areas like Hampton Hill, Twickenham and Feltham are getting more and more popular as younger couples are letting property’s there too.

Property management companies are also saying it’s one of the areas that has the highest growth for lettings in the London subberbs.

More skin clinics are bound to start invading the local areas as competition for womens and mens treatments hots up and as prices for treatments are falling I’m sure you’ll be visiting them soon!

Skin Care In The Morning

An early morning skin care routine is the best thing to keep your skin looking young and healthy. Getting up early enough in the morning t actually do it though is often another matter!

These days no many of us have the time to get our vital skincare routine completed. So why is it better to focus on skin care in the morning and what are the benefits of doing this?
You can’t get yourself to a skin care clinic each morning but if you could a good place to start is www.theskincaredirectory.co.uk as they have a great list to choose from.

Most people don’t know that what you do to your skin in the morning plays a vital role in keeping it healthy. Impurities build up during the night and continue to build as you go about your daily life so eliminating impurities in the morning keeps you one step ahead. Face packs aren’t an option as they take too long to apply and you can’t really cook the kids breakfast while wearing one so a simple skin moisturiser and cleanser is enough to get you ready for the day and takes juts minutes to apply.

If you are a skin face pack guru then you’ll just have to get up that little bit earlier! :) Your skin undergoes lots of damage during the day and that is why it looks pale in the evening. But after a night’s sleep, it rejuvenates a bit and looks fresh in the morning but the impurities are sitting on the surface and thats what you need to remove each morning.

If you do give up the daily routine and get spots you can always get your acne scars removed!

Heres a few skin care tips to get you started.

Finding The Best Skin Clinics In Sussex

Finding a good skin clinic that has registered and trained staff capable of performing multiple skin treatments can be tough.  These days there are so many treatment clinics popping up it’s hard to know who to choose.

Recommendations from friends are always the best if you know someone who has had something like an anti-wrinkle treatment or dark spot removed. If not however you’re going to need to do a little research into who’s out there.

If you are based in Sussex you can check out the skin clinics in Sussex directory and they break the various treatment centres down into towns. So if you want a Worthing skin clinic for example you can easily find the most recommended there.

There are a number of tratments available usually ranging from branded treatments like Botox or Thermage which are very common through to more drastic treatments like tattoo removal.

Heres an example of a typical Thermage skin clinic video:

Most skin clinics that specialise in dermatology will have fully trained staff who are also usually clinical nurses so you will always be in safe hands and can be assured that they will be fully qualified.

To summarise just make sure you check out any clinic that you are thinking of visiting and look for reviews online as people with bad experiences tend to be more vocal than those that have a good experience.